My name is Tom Radford. I am a hardworking, passionate and dedicated photographer based in Gloucestershire.

I have sold images all around the world via some of the largest stock agencies. My work has been featured in medical journals, books and magazines in many different countries.

I started taking photos as soon as I was able to hold a camera, I have many memories of using my Mothers old Nikon film camera, trying to find things of interest around the garden.

In the early 2000's I was given an old film body of my own. It was a basic automatic camera, yet it gave me the inspiration I needed to become "a photographer".

Since about 2005, when I bought my first DSLR, I have been wholly dedicated to improving, learning and becoming the best I can be.

Every single day, I take at least one photograph, I spend the majority of my time, looking for the next location or subject, I literally live photography.
I believe its this passion, which allows me to create timeless and inspirational images.

I would be honoured to share my passion with you, if you have any specific requests, please dont hesitate to contact me.

Most of the images on the site are available to order as prints using the buy button on top of each photo page, however due to various reasons, some are not enabled on this website. If you see a photo you would like, and its not available to buy directly from this site, please contact me with the loaction and a brief description of the photo, and I will see if I can make it available to buy as a print.